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I am an Accountant and Tax Practitioner – What Could Go Wrong?

Written by Nico Viljoen on 09 Oct 2018.

Nico Viljoen

CA(SA), CTA, Hons BCompt, Adv Diploma Banking, BCom (Cum laude), IALMBA Graduate Student, Business School Netherlands

The Tax Shop Head Office

Ask yourself – What could go wrong if:

  • 51,5% of accountants have not started planning for 2019?
  • 40,5% of accountants will not meet their targets for 2018?
  • 61% of accountants are likely to introduce a new service in 2019?
  • 80,5% of accountants need technical support in response to a client engagement and tax related queries?

Due to digital disruptions and technological advancements, times have changed, meaning that accountants and tax practitioners must think and act differently.  Accountants and tax practitioners are daily confronted with digital buzzwords like, ‘digital marketing, social media, blockchain, cloud software, fintech, cryptocurrency and so forth, which could be overwhelming.  However, it is quite normal for accountants and tax practitioners to be overwhelmed by all these digital buzzwords, especially when it comes to marketing your accounting and tax services to clients.

The Tax Shop Franchise offers a Pioneering Practice Programme for accountants and tax practitioners which is a complete marketing solution for accounting, tax and bookkeeping practices.  This twelve-month programme is exclusively for the South African market, which offers marketing to grow The Tax Shop Franchise practices.  The Pioneering Practice Programme is to grow practices of The Tax Shop Franchise and the programme is inclusive of any new The Tax Shop Franchise licence.

By implementing the systems in The Pioneering Practice Programme, you will build a marketing engine and, in the process, de-commoditise your Tax Shop accounting and tax services in the eyes of your audience, resulting in the attraction and referral of more A-Grade clients and have more time, money and freedom you want.

The Pioneering Practice Programme is for the benefit of The Tax Shop Franchiseaccountants and tax practitioners and makes life easier as the programme covering the following exciting areas which are relevant and useful to all accountants and tax practitioners:

  • Creating a brand and a message that will get attention!
  • How to speak to your prospects so they stop, listen and sign up.
  • How to position your firm as experts and attract more of the right clients.
  • How to stop wasting time in 1:1 sales meetings and sign up groups of clients at a time!
  • Where to find your best leads and how to convert them.

In regard ongoing technical accounting, tax and best practice support – The Tax Shop Franchise provides comprehensive services in the accounting domain (technical accounting and tax compliance updates as well as best practice guidance to The Tax Shop franchisees).

As a valued Tax Shop Franchise practitioneryou will Engage with prospects, you will Connect with leads and you will Convert them into clients.

Live your dream!  Whether your dream is to own a ‘Tax Practice’ and specialise in taxation, or a fully fledged ‘Accounting Practice”, buying a Tax Shop Franchise licence will give you the benefit of enjoying more Time, Money and Freedom!

For more information about The Pioneering Practice Programme, click here.

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