I have been with the Tax Shop group since 2008 and have always been satisfied with the assistance and communication between Head Office and my business. It is appreciated that efforts are made by the Head Office for us to expand our business and ideas are provided which flow from the efforts.Read More →

I have been a Tax Shop franchisee since March 2010 and during this period, I have always had the most amazing support from the Head Office. They have always shown efficiency and excellent professionalism. Although there is a lot of competition in our field of service our franchisor has always shown interest in helping franchisees to overcome obstacles and prosper in business.Read More →

I recently purchased a Tax Shop franchise. I have had nothing but support and encouragement from the entire Tax Shop team. I was advised to contact other franchisees while I was making the decision to purchase. They were so willing to share their experiences and information about The Tax Shop with me, a reflection of how satisfied they were with the franchise. I am excited to be part of The Tax Shop, a professional, hardworking and honest team and look forward to growing my business and myself as a result of my relationship with them.Read More →

I love The Tax Shop! I love the ability to run my own business and taking all the decisions that go with it and in exchange knowing I have the support of a most excellent team backing me. The support and advice is fantastic and it is run by a dynamic team of directors with great vision and foresight in our ever changing world. My best decision ever!Read More →

We started our Tax Shop recently. We are very pleased to say that we have, from day one, experienced the franchisor as people who have the time to meet with you and they never rush your appointment to get to the next item on their agenda. They are honest, open and ethical. The give excellent support and advice. They are people that you can contact and speak to, they do not think they are untouchable like other franchisors out there. They are the type of franchise that is proud of their franchisees doing well, they do not want to see how much they can makeRead More →

I love running my own business and having the support of my franchisor makes the task that much easier. I enjoy the encouragement, support and assistance they willingly provide and I can always turn to the expertise of the franchise team if I need help with a difficult task. Their response to any queries is immediate and this assists me in providing a quick, efficient service to my clients.Read More →

I purchased a tax shop franchise in 2009 and the growth in terms of the group has been very rewarding. In all the years I have had nothing but support and encouragement from the entire tax shop team. The best feature for me is the innovative ideas especially, world class, web-based technology to function as a “professional” business person.Read More →