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BEE Certification Consultants

BEE Certification Consultants to Assist with Strategy Development and Compliance Stepsa

With Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) legislation changes, many business owners struggle to understand exactly what is required from them. Our BEE certification consultants understand the dilemma as implementation dates differ and businesses operating in particular sectors have to deal with changing thresholds. No doubt the legislation changes also mean that many enterprises now face a definite drop in their scorecard and BEE status. This can seriously hinder their ability to compete favourably for government tenders.

BEE certification holds several benefits for businesses including:

  • A good scorecard means a better BEE status and thus competitive edge.
  • Suppliers and clients have incentive to support businesses with a good BEE status as they receive points for doing business with them and are thus able to improve their B-BBEE score.
  • It provides the business the opportunity to tender for government contracts.
  • Improves the standing of the business within the industry.
  • Shows commitment to economic empowerment of communities.
  • Proof of compliance.

Our Role

We work closely with leaders in the B-BBEE industry and our BEE certification consultants provide expert guidance and a full range of BEE services to clients. We stay up to date with changes in legislation and advice clients accordingly.

We provide two sets of services:

  • BEE certificates for EMEs, QSEs and Generic Enterprises.
  • BEE consulting, strategic planning and guidance.


Whether you need to plan your B-BBEE strategy, require guidance or need certification, we can assist.

Consultation and Guidance

We work with our clients to help them attain the best possible BEE score and thus improve their BEE level and the subsequent status while also helping clients to reduce costs and increase the recognition level of their company.

Understanding how the score system works, why compliance is necessary, fronting practices to avoid, and how the certification process works will help you plan your plan your BEE strategy. Our BEE certification consultants perform an analysis of your company to assess your current compliance status. We furthermore identify weak points and potential initiatives which can help you improve your BEE scorecard.

The consultants calculate the points on the provisional scorecard and using the GAP analysis they are able to pinpoint the areas where you need to improve. We understand that a successful B-BBEE strategy addresses all the critical points and ensures ethical practices throughout the company’s implementation of BEE. As such, we don’t look for shortcuts, but rather assist you in becoming compliant while reducing costs.

We look at practical ways to implement a winning BEE strategy to ensure that you can proactively take the steps to manage the operational costs and impact of your BEE strategy. With expert feedback regarding progress, assistance in revising your BEE strategies and, where necessary, completely changing your strategy to ensure compliance and maximum benefits for your firm, we help your firm to attain a better BEE score.


We will assist you in the process of preparing for BEE verification and help manage the scorecard tracking all the way through to verification. Note that in the capacity of BEE certification consultants, we cannot at the same time do the verification to ensure objectivity. However, in this regard we will help you through the process to minimise frustration and ensure that you understand the full process.

How Certification Works

The verification authority reviews requested documentation. It is imperative to have proper documentation in place and to supply such without delay. They will also do a site visit and, where relevant such as when you have multiple sites, do visits to each of the sites. Key employees and management will be interviewed. The scorecard is completed and it is approved where after you receive the certificate. Note that the requirements for Generic enterprises are strict.

Our BEE certification consultants will have management review meetings with you related to certification and you can also benefit from post-certification guidance to ensure ongoing compliance and improvement of your BEE score.

Don’t compromise on your firm’s ability to compete favourably for tenders and business in South Africa. Get expert guidance from BEE certification consultants to minimise costs and help to improve your BEE scorecard.

View our BEE section for more information and use the information request form to contact us for more information or a quote.