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Top Reason to Buy a Tax Shop Franchise as Opposed to Trading Independently

If you are a qualified accountant and tax consultant and want to start your own business why not buy a Tax Shop franchise?  With the Tax Shop franchise group growing exceptionally fast, we are building tremendous credibility in South Africa and now offer qualified persons the opportunity to buy a Tax Shop franchise in any of a number of areas throughout South Africa.

Our franchise concept is one-of-its-kind in the country, which will give you a distinct competitive edge over other tax consultancies since we offer turn-key solutions for small and medium size clients that include from payroll processing to tax administration, accounting, bookkeeping and expert advice.

Although similar franchise groups already operate in Europe and the USA, the market is still wide open in South Africa. The amazing successes of such franchises in the USA have proved that businesses are looking for ways to streamline their operations and reduce their management costs.

Outsourcing non-profit generating functions such as payroll, taxation and accounting to experts helps them to reduce their risks, improve their compliance with statutory and tax regulations, and considerably reduce their overheads. Indeed, the tax franchises have been reported as amongst the fastest growing types of franchise groups in the financial sector. So much so, that they rank amongst the top twenty franchises in America.

With a full service offering our franchise concept enables you to provide your customers with turn-key solutions or address specific functions. With a broader spectrum of services offered you are able to attract a larger clientele. We thus provide you with a working concept and superb platform to grow your financial service offering.

The middle income group in South Africa is growing and with our service offerings focussed on small to medium businesses we thus have a largely untapped market from which you will benefit if you buy a franchise of The Tax Shop.

Our management fee is only 7% and covers the cost of updating you with information about software, our services, and the support you will receive from our head office in addition to the administration costs related to management of the franchise group. We charge a 3% fee for the marketing, national exposure, online marketing, and support in such. In total you will pay a 10% royalty fee for the above which is calculated as 10% of your gross turnover.

You will need about R30 000 working capital for start-up and initial management of your franchise office. We offer a single franchise fee that covers your right to trade in a specific zone which you can choose, having access to the full range of services that you can offer to the public, and training at our head office. This includes the accommodation, meals and transport.

Our fee also includes the customised accounting, payroll, tax and BEE software as well as your access to the backend of our online site where you can track work progress and download relevant documents. You also have free access to our existing software and get discounts on particular software. We provide you with a range of services and relevant courses such as BEE certification, helping you to expand your service offering to the public.

The franchise fee furthermore includes all the start-up materials you will need in addition to 10 000 flyers, 1 000 business cards and signage. You get full email addresses and fax numbers at our website domain. With all the above in place your business will already have a competitive edge upon start-up.

Considering all the materials, support, advertising, and training as well as range of unique services you get and can offer using our franchise concept you will agree that you already have the recipe for success. Trading under an independent name means that you will not have The Tax Shop name, website backend, marketing, and national standing to work with.

You will thus have to build up a name, brand accordingly and carry the costs of training. We have a strong online presence, which helps us to send leads to you and you have our expertise at hand to ensure that you can offer superb services and advice. We do the national marketing for you, saving you money and time when you buy a franchise of The Tax Shop.