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Looking to Buy an Accounting Franchise?

Are You Looking to Buy an Accounting Franchise in South Africa?

Are you looking to buy an accounting franchise? The Tax Shop is the answer. As a stable franchise group that is growing exceptionally fast, we have several business opportunities available to qualified professionals.

The Tax Shop is a one-of-a-kind concept in South Africa and with no other franchises offering the comprehensive range of services that we offer, when buying one of our accounting franchises, you thus have an untapped market. We offer from accounting and bookkeeping services to BEE registration, payroll management, financial statement preparation and tax services for individuals, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses.

The concept has been proven in the USA where these types of franchises rank amongst the fastest growing franchise concepts in their country. Though it is also practiced in Europe, South Africa has yet to experience the full benefits of such turnkey solution providers. If you are thus looking to buy an accounting franchise we suggest that you choose The Tax Shop, because you will be able to offer a large range of related services to your clients.

With a broader service base you have more income generating opportunities. And with such you gain opportunities to offer additional value added services. The main target market is the growing middle class in South Africa which provides you with a large target base and thus the ability to grow your business fast.

Competitive Franchise Fee

You will benefit from our affordable franchise licence fee, which is often reduced as part of monthly promotion packages. If you have R30 000 start-up capital, funds for the licence fee and are qualified as accountant or tax consultant then this is the franchise accounting business opportunity for you.

The monthly royalties are set at 10% of the turnover and consist of 7% management fee and 3% advertising fee. The management fee goes towards the costs related to information and software updates, support and general administration of the group. The advertising fee is used for covering the cost of regional and national marketing which includes a strong online presence.

What Do You Get When Buying “The Tax Shop” Franchise?

Our license fee is once-off and allows you to trade in the physical area of choice. It also gives you full access to all our services including accounting, bookkeeping, tax services, BEE certificates and payroll administration. The license entitles you to offer the mentioned services to the public with our head office support.

You don’t pay extra for training in the service offerings. We provide you with training at the head office free of charge and we pay for the transport, accommodation and meals.  You receive customised software solutions for payroll, tax, accounting and BEE service provision. You also have access to various other software solutions including work progress tracking. The software updates are provided free of charge or where relevant, at discounted prices.

You furthermore receive marketing material consisting of 10 000 pamphlets and 1 000 business cards to get your branding going. In addition, you receive signage for your offices. We thus make it possible to setup business without having to go through the process of creating an image as we already do it for you.

We go a step further by providing you with instructional guides, reference material and a tax handbook in addition to giving you a full email/s at our as well as a free fax-to-mail number/s. You receive ongoing professional training and support while you also have access to new courses and services including the high-in-demand BEE certification and consultation services.

Why Not Go It Alone?

Yes, nothing stops you from opening your own accounting company, but considering that we already provide you with all the above, you have to agree that it makes economic sense to become part of The Tax Shop franchise group. As individual accountant you will have to setup a national marketing campaign, which takes time and costs money. You have to build credibility and this also takes time. We already offer you credibility and national marketing in addition to training, support and access to various services.

With expert guidance available at any stage free of charge, sharing of marketing expenses, corporate image building already done, and a strong online presence, we provide you with a solid foundation for success as accounting, tax, payroll and BEE practitioner in South Africa.