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Need Help Getting Your BEE Certificate?

Need Help Getting Your BEE Certificate and Tax Clearance Certificate for Government Tenders?

It should be noted that fraudulent BEE certificates and BEE fronting practices are punishable by stiff fines and even imprisonment. Be careful about adverts stating easy BEE certificates. You want to ensure that the certificate is valid and relevant to the current year of verification. Note that only accredited verification agencies and accountants are allowed to issue the certificates. If you need help getting your BEE certificate, you will be glad to know that we can assist and thus help you to avoid fraudulent practices.

Why BEE Compliance is Beneficial

A good score on the QSE or Generic Scorecard and a valid BEE certificate allows your suppliers and clients to gain valuable points on their scorecards for doing business with you. It shows that you are committed to positive transformation in South Africa and that you are BEE compliant. It furthermore makes it possible to respond to government tender requests.

Tips on Making the Most of Government Tender Opportunities

The government tender process can be complicated especially with over 600 departments issuing tender requests. Unfortunately this also opens the door to widespread misuse of the system. Keeping on the right side of the law is important for long term business success and we thus strongly recommend getting your books in order and ensuring that you get professional help in getting your BEE certificate before applying.

Other Valuable Tips for Government Tender Applications

Make use of the supplier databases where you can register your business. Every department has a database; register with the departments relevant to your sector. Note that you will need to submit the following upon registration:

  • Valid BEE certificate
  • Current tax clearance certificate

We can assist in obtaining both certificates, helping you to comply with requirements necessary for successful application to tender for projects, supply or services. With numerous tenders and requests for such issued daily, you will not want to miss out on any opportunities. Subscribe to the relevant departments and specific sectors to get updates regarding any tender requests.

Don’t Procrastinate!

Waiting until the last minute to submit a tender will mean not having enough time to prepare an accurate quote and get relevant supporting documentation. The more you respond to tender requests the better chance you have in landing one.

Once you are sure your firm can supply or perform according to the details of the tender request relevant to your field of expertise and sector in which you operate, you need to confirm where the documents can be collected and in which format. Many of the tender requests stipulate that delivery of the tender quote must be done through a drop-off in a stipulated tender box, while some allow for electronic tender submission. If you miss the time and date deadline, you will miss out on the opportunity to tender.

Before tendering, make sure you understand the Ts & Cs, as well as the specific requirements. Some requests come with a compulsory meeting where you’ll get briefed on the requirements. If there is a briefing meeting you should attend as it will help you get valuable information on the requirements and thus improve your chances of successfully tendering for the government contract.

With a multitude of tenders received daily government officials need to narrow down candidates and they start by checking whether the supporting documents such as the BEE certificate and relevant tax certificate are attached. If you missed even one supporting document it will mean that your request may not be considered.

Note that many other companies tender for the same project and pricing is what makes the difference. The first consideration is always price and then delivery capacity is considered. This is where it is recommended that you add a record of previous completed projects including pictures, testimonials and achievements to ensure that your tender stands out.

Don’t assume that the documents have reached the intended destination. Always confirm receipt through a call and follow-up email and keep a copy of your tender document with the supporting documentation at hand for in case you need to resubmit. Follow up on the decision of the adjudication committee and always be sure that your submitted documents valid for the date that the adjudication committee will review the tender.

You can make use of our professional services and assistance in getting the tax clearance certificate to ensure that you are ready to tender for government projects.