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Tax Services

Why Should You Make Use of Our Comprehensive Range of Tax Services?

We understand how stressful it can be for the taxpayer to have to calculate their provisional tax, capital gains, donations tax, and estate duty. Even if the taxpayer isn’t a provisional taxpayer, it is still compulsory to submit the applicable income tax returns on time at the South African Revenue Services.

With legislation changing regarding tax and the annual tax tables differing from the previous years in terms of ceilings and allowable deductions, it is rather difficult to stay up to date with requirements, submission dates and payment requirements.

We offer comprehensive tax services to assist taxpayers in calculating and submitting:

  • Tax on income which includes provisional tax
  • Donations tax
  • Estate duty
  • Dividends tax
  • Employee tax best known as PAYE
  • Capital gains tax also known as CGT
  • Securities transfer tax also known as STT
  • Value Added Tax known as VAT
  • Skills development levies referred to as SDL
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund or as best known – UIF

Apart from tax services for individuals we offer professional tax advice, consultation and calculation services for small, medium and large enterprises. The relevant tax services include, but are not limited to:

  • Salary structuring
  • Calculation of tax liabilities
  • Tax consultation
  • Tax planning
  • Tax directives
  • Assessment reviews
  • Completion and submission of tax returns
  • Registration for tax
  • Tax clearance certificates
  • Deregistration for tax
  • Deferred payment arrangements
  • Objections regarding incorrect assessments

We have an experienced team of accountants, bookkeepers and tax consultants to provide you with the above and related tax services at the lowest possible cost to you. With our state-of-the-art tax software, you don’t have to be concerned about possible errors or late submissions of your tax returns. We keep up to date regarding changes in legislation, the latest tax tables, and any related matters that can affect your tax returns.

The Benefits of Having Access to Professional Tax Services

Consider the effort that goes into the collection and organisation of your invoices and receipts and then having to do the calculations. Add to such the frustration of annual updates to the tax tables and knowing exactly when to submit your tax returns, whether electronically through the e-filing system or manually and it becomes all too clear that it is a time consuming and often frustrating process. With your focus on income generation taking time away from your clients or work to process taxes is simply not worth the effort. If you are a provisional taxpayer there are royalties, rental income, interest on investments, commissions, and payments from clients to consider.

There also toll-fees, parking fees, travelling costs, maintenance on the vehicles, cellphone contracts, computer equipment, stationary, entertainment, office refreshments, insurance, security, and other expenses to calculate, Not knowing which ones can be deducted and how much you are allowed to deduct for each expense means that you most probably pay more on taxes than required.

Even if you make use of the SARS consultants you may still end up paying more than necessary amount simply because the SARS consultants are more focussed on correct completion of the forms and compliance than ensuring that your tax is structured to minimise unnecessary tax payments.

Our tax experts work with provisional, company, capital gains, donations and employee taxes on a daily basis. They keep up to date with changes in legislation and know exactly what can be deducted. They furthermore understand which supporting documents are necessary, and can provide you with excellent guidance on tax structuring and planning.

Our services such as registration and deregistration for taxes, negotiating and arranging deferred tax payments and objecting to incorrect SARS assessments minimise the effort and frustration in dealing with such obstacles.

Even if you manage a company you will still benefit from our tax services as we take the burden from keeping up to date with legislation on us and we minimise the time you have to spend on processing taxes. With such, you will have more time to focus your human resources, money and time on profit generating activities.

Ensure full compliance, on-time submissions, correct payments and savings when it comes to taxes. Make use of our comprehensive range of tax services, competitively priced to ensure that you will benefit in terms of time, resources and cost savings.

Simply contact us using the online information request from and one of our Tax Shop consultants will contact you to discuss your particular requirements and to explain how our tax services work.