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The Value of Franchising

Written by Bernard Schoeman on 11 Mar 2020.

Bernard Schoeman

CA(SA), Post Graduate Diploma Accounting, BCOM

The Tax Shop Head Office

A frequently asked question is, “Why should I spend money on buying a Tax Shop franchise licence?”.

The average time it takes for a start-up practice to make sufficient profit is between 3 and 7 years in SA. Some accountants manage to grow quickly, but then stagnate and find it difficult to grow after a few years. In the Tax Shop group, we experience a far quicker turnaround time and far greater sustained growth. Why? Sustained acceleration is achieved by:

Benefiting from our
leading marketing and

Tapping into our
networks and business

Growing through our
training, backup and

Utilising our advanced
systems and

We offer the exciting prospect of establishing a successful accounting and tax practice. To find out more about our franchise opportunities, please download our franchise info pack or feel free to contact us.