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Frequently Asked Questions

Review common questions and answers about our franchise below.

The Tax Shop concept was a first in SA and we are currently the largest accounting and tax franchise in Southern Africa. Enjoy the benefits of an established brand, proven business model and the security of being of a successful professional services group. If you are looking to grow your practice then The Tax Shop is for you!

The Tax Shop is a unique franchising opportunity designed for professionals who have strong financial and/or commercial backgrounds and who want to start a new accounting practice or want to expand their existing practice(s).

Our franchise licence fee depends upon whether you have clients (however small) already or not. Email us at to find out more.

Royalties are charged at 10% of monthly turnover which is standard in the franchise industry. This charge covers the ongoing costs of updating and training franchisees, software enhancements, provision of ongoing support, general administration of the franchise group as well as regional and national marketing. New franchisees are exempt from royalty payments for the first few months of operation.

Yes we do. Email us at to find out more.

Franchise owners receive everything they need to build a successful accounting and tax practice. For more detail, please refer to our “COSTING” page.

Franchisees receive so many benefits not available to single practitioners, for example:

  • Tap into a proven business model.
  • Advanced marketing for your practice.
  • Gain access to our franchise‚Äôs intellectual property.
  • Ongoing an unlimited backup and support from top professionals at Head Office.
  • Cutting edge communication and training.
  • Best international software systems.
  • Increased services and business opportunities through our business partners.
  • Massive savings in many areas as a result of our group buying power.
  • Increased value to your practice through our brand.

Please submit your CV to us. Once we have approved you as a prospective franchisee, we will send a draft franchise agreement to you for review.

Start-up training takes place at our Head Office in Pretoria and involves all aspects of franchise and practice management. Franchisees who have attended training are equipped to start operating immediately.

There is no cost where a new franchise licence is purchased as the cost of training is included in the up-front licence fee. Where an existing franchise licence fee is purchased, there will be a separate cost for training as such cost would not be included in the licence fee payable to the outgoing franchisee.

The start-up training process includes the accommodation, meals, travel costs and training of one person. Additional people may attend the startup training, but, in such cases, we will communicate any costs for additional attendees.

We refer to areas or locations as ZONES and work on the principle of one shop per population of 100,000 people. This may mean that it is possible to have more than one shop in a zone. For example, if a town or city area has a population of (say) 350,000 people, it may be possible to establish 2 – 3 shops in that zone. We do, however, take into account the economic activity of a zone, the average age of population etc. before making a final consideration about the establishment of additional franchises in any given zone.

You are welcome to operate in your personal name or as a partnership or in a joint venture or company.

We have an open line of communication daily to all our franchisees to answer any queries and to provide guidance and information. Franchisees who have purchased a franchise licence are entitled to unlimited backup and support from top professionals at our Head Office. In addition, we engage in continued training with all franchisees.

We market nationally while working with franchise owners on how to market on the ground. We regularly pass on business leads from our head office to our franchisees.

You are welcome to do so. Please bear in mind that some have only recently started trading, while others may have been relatively inactive for various reasons e.g. ill health. It is best to contact a franchisee who has been active for a reasonable period to gain a more detailed understanding of the business.

It is generally the responsibility of the franchise owner to find a suitable location although we will gladly provide input and advice on the suitability of any locations identified by the franchisee. We are not prescriptive in this regard and some franchisees operate from home while others work from an office environment. However, experience has shown that franchisees who operate from an office generally tend to perform better than those who operate from home.